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Published on 2024-01-07

Network Simulator Project Status

This will be a quick overview of things changed since the last update on the network simulator project.

Use of modern GTK features

Over the past few months, I spend a lot of time rewriting stuff to use GTK components that aren't deprecated. I'm now at a point where we get no deprecation warnings on GTK 4.12.4.

New packet analyzation window

Another feature I'm proud of is the new packet analyzer that formats parts of the data according to their actual width:

New analyzer


An assortment of decorations was added: text, rectangles and circles. Also, to make it easily visible which connection is connected to which interface, interface numbers are now displayed on connections. This can be toggled in the view menu.New analyzer

Exporting to PCAP and more info in the packet list

To make analyzation and debugging easier, I added some more information to the packet list in the sidebar and the ability to export to pcap files. This allows to analyze data in programs like Wireshark.

Much more

A lot more work has been done, for example I began implementing TCP, which is still in a rather early state. To see all the activity, take a look at the git log !

Written by Jeremias Stotter