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* Update test.jsonJeremias Stotter2023-09-211-14/+14
* Implement rudimentary vlan support on the switchesJeremias Stotter2023-07-161-25/+111
* Start implementing switch menu structureJeremias Stotter2023-05-161-40/+64
* Add drawing for new decorationsJeremias Stotter2023-04-241-2/+18
* Start implementing other decoration types besides plain textJeremias Stotter2023-04-061-7/+10
* Use switches in the test fileJeremias Stotter2023-03-191-89/+89
* Unify how routing works between the computer and router to make devlib more u...Jeremias Stotter2023-01-151-7/+7
* Fixed check_subnetJeremias Stotter2023-01-011-7/+7
* Update example savefileJeremias Stotter2022-12-041-33/+214
* Renamed structs.h to shared.h and ask if changes should be discarded when clo...Jeremias Stotter2022-10-081-4/+4
* Added an option to omit the creation of default interfaces at device creationJeremias Stotter2022-10-011-2/+2
* Added saving and loadingJeremias Stotter2022-08-151-0/+35
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