Network Simulator

This project will attemt to simulate networks, from Connections to simple applictations

It is planned to have a core written in C and have devices, connections and protocols defined through extensions defined in a json file with "kernels" for the devices written in LUA.

Status of the project

A few things work now, most things don't. I'll add more things soon!

Some code in this project is VERY dirty. I'm not a professional developer, do not expect great quality! Any suggestions and pull requests that will improve this are, of course, always welcome!

What this project will not do

Unlike GNS3 this project will not attempt to emulate existing devices or allow connecting to physical devices, instead this project will have all devices written in LUA


To build this project you'll need the following:

  • emacs with ede (releases will contain a Makefile)
  • A C compiler
  • GTK 4.12 and its dependecies
  • lua 5.4
  • json-c
  • pkg-config
  • You can now open the project in emacs and compile it with ede-compile-project and run it with ./netsim -t templates


Example screenshot


All the files in this repository are licensed under the GPLv3, you can find it in the LICENSE file or on the GNU Website

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