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<p>The Blog files are text files stored in the directory you defined above. They have a header that contains metadata like the author, release date and so on. The actual content starts after a delimiter "///" and is just markdown (although a limited subset of that, see LIMITATIONS).</p>
<h3>blog Index files</h3>
<p>Obviously a blog is no good if you cant find other entries, so there are index files. JBLOG will server a list of blog entries that match what a few criteria specified in the index file. (For example subdirectory)</p>
-<p><b><em>NOTE: This is not yet implemented</b></em></p>
+<p>An index file is just a normal Blog file without a body (it ends with "///"). A few extra header entries are used to generate the index, these are:</p>
+ <li>"Depth" defines how deep should be searched</li>
+ <li>"DTypes" defines what Types will be listed</li>
<h3>Updating cached entries</h3>
<p>JBlog caches already computed entries. Because it wouldn't be very useful restarting the server everytime you update a blog entry simply add <code>/!</code> to the end of the URL in your Browser. This will tell JBlog to recompute the requested file.</p>
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