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If you have made changes you would like to contribute or found bugs/things to improve send them over to, it would be very much appreciated. (:



network-simulator is a network simulator similar to CPT or GNS3. Network components like devices, interfaces and connections are described in json and lua.

It is currently in development. The projects name is also not final.


JBlog is a SCGI Server that supports Blogs written in MD and has a simple web interface to write those. It is in a running state, but not nearly production ready.


The jstotter-overlay is an overlay for portage containing programs I found useful.


Quartz64_SCAD provides a 3d model of the Quartz64 SBC and a simple case built around this model.

cgit dark theme

Not really a project, but there is also a dark theme for cgit, which is in use by the cgit instance that it is hosted on.